Counsel for Creators

Counsel for Creators LLP focuses entirely on the needs of creative businesses and individuals. Whether your problem involves intellectual property, contracts or general business issues, Counsel for Creators LLP provides high-quality legal services.

Lawyers for artists, designers, software developers, authors, online businesses, publishers, photographers, musicians, architects, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to make something new happen. Counsel for Creators LLP stands ready to help you with anything involving copyrights, trademark, business formation, contracts, licensing and anything else that makes a creative business successful.

We help creative people and businesses:

  • Set up companies: If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to form an LLC, a corporation, partnership or other legal entity, we can help you make the right choice and get everything set up.
  • Protect brands: We offer comprehensive trademark searching, registration and counseling so that creative people can protect and build strong brands.
  • Have good contracts: Good contracts are the foundation of an efficient business. We help creative people put things in writing in a way that is understandable, free of legalese, and that reduces the chances of a dispute.
  • Have easy access to lawyers: Our services are holistic and we become a partner in our clients’ success. We are the first law firm to offer a monthly legal subscription geared towards creative businesses.

We offer:

  • A variety of flat fee services and predictable costs.
  • Easy online signup and payment so that we can get moving right away.
  • Online calendar system so that you can easily set a call with our attorneys.

Want to know more? Contact us. You can set up a call to learn how we can support your creative business. The call is free, of course.