Trademark Services

Counsel for Creators offers comprehensive trademark services to help you choose, register and successfully maintain your trademark. 

A business’ brand often becomes its single most valuable asset, that’s why it makes sense to work with legal counsel who understands not only how trademark law affects you, but also how legal counsel can support your overall brand strategy.

  • Trademark Selection: Counsel for Creators can help you select a trademark that will be enforceable, able to be registered, and be memorable. Picking a good trademark at the outset is the most effective way of ensuring strong legal protection for your brand.
  • Trademark Registration: Trademark registration is essential to every business and brand. Counsel for Creators can help you prepare and file federal and state trademark applications. As part of this process, we conduct a professional search for any other trademarks that might cause problems with your registration – and then devise a solution to address those issues. We offer fairly-priced and efficient trademark registration services that are billed on a flat-rate basis.
  • Trade Dress Registration: Counsel for Creators can help you protect the way that you present your business to the world with trade dress registration. Our trade dress registration services are billed on a flat-rate basis.
  • Trademark Enforcement: Counsel for Creators can help you enforce your trademark rights. Whether that means sending cease and desist letters, or preparing for legal action, your trademark rights will be protected.
  • Trademark Maintenance: Getting a registered trademark is only the start of the brand protection process. Trademarks must be used and maintained; Counsel for Creators can help you do that and help you to ensure that you maintain all of your trademark rights.
  • International Trademark Registration: If you are planning to expand your brand to foreign markets, we can help you understand how to protect your trademark abroad. We have been able to help a number of businesses get foreign trademark registrations.
  • Social Media Trademark Issues: Social media has created new opportunities for brand engagement, so it is important to engage trademark counsel to help you navigate this landscape.
  • Trademark Licensing: Licensing your trademark offers your business amazing revenue opportunities. Understand how to license your trademark in a way that protects and grows your brand.
  • Domain Name Disputes: Counsel for Creators can help you resolve trademark issues relating to Internet domain names.
  • Ongoing Trademark Counsel: We provide ongoing trademark counsel with our Creators’ Legal Program. This innovative approach to law allows us to help creative businesses craft and adjust their approach to trademark law. It costs only $95/month.

For each of these, Counsel for Creators will provide you with actionable information so that you understand your rights and learn how to use the law as a tool to grow your business.

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