The Creators’ Legal Roadmap

Answers to questions all creative business owners ask, written by attorneys focused on solutions for creatives.

What type of company should I set up? What do I do if someone threatens to sue me? How can I protect my creative work? And much more.

What the Creative Business Legal Roadmap does

While this Creative Business Legal Roadmap answers a plethora of important questions, at its heart is a single question: “what kinds of legal things do I need to think about in my business?”

Our clients ask us this question all the time. And we see so many business owners struggling because they failed to ask the right questions.

In running a business, ignorance is never bliss. We offer this checklist as an easy reference to most of the legal issues you will encounter when setting up and growing your business.

You don’t need to memorize it all. And you don’t need to stress if you don’t know the answers to any particular question. Many of the items link to helpful content on our website if you care to learn more.

After you have read this, schedule a time to talk with us about how you can turn this information into a workable strategy for your business.

The Checklist

Get an in depth checklist covering everything from Business Set Up and Operation to Protecting Intellectual Property. A must-have reference for anyone running a business.

  • Business Setup and Operation
  • Put Crucial Contracts In Place
  • Establish and Legally Protect Your Brand
  • Learn To Use And Protect Intellectual Property
  • What’s The Most Important Thing On The Roadmap?

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