Creators’ Legal Guide



The Creators’ Legal Guide is a short, punchy ebook that introduces you – the creative professional or business owner – to the basics of copyrights, trademarks, contracts and other things that come up in your work.

I noticed that it could be hard to find good, reliable legal information tailored to people in creative professions, so I decided to write a book that draws upon problems I have encountered in my legal practice as well as during my career as a freelance creative professional. It’s meant to be a gentle and practical guide that will take some of the mystery out of the law.

Available now on The Creators’ Legal Guide: Use the Law to Help Your Creative Venture Succeed




The Creators’ Legal Guide.

Whether you are launching a design business, starting an app company, doing freelance graphic design/web development or licensing art, understanding the law can help you make more money, collaborate effectively, and do better work.

Learn about the law with attorney and freelance creator, Jonathan Tobin, Esq. This punchy and insightful guide gives you – the creative professional or business owner – the information that you want to know about: copyrights, trademarks, contracts, starting an llc or corporation. Get a better understanding of legal forms for artists, designers, photographers and other creative occupations by knowing how they actually work.

The book can be read in under an hour and costs less than a trip to the coffee shop. By spending that tiny amount of time and money on this book about law, your creative business can see massive improvement.

This book will teach you about things like:


    • Copyrights and trademarks.
    • Starting a business.
    • Writing contracts.
    • Licensing your intellectual property.
    • Resolving disputes.
    • Getting paid.
    • Being part of a lawsuit.
    • Working with an attorney.

If you wish that you could get clear answers about the laws governing your creative ventures, then this wonderful and eye-opening book will set you on that path.

If you make money with your creative work, this inexpensive guide can protect you from making expensive legal mistakes that put your venture in peril. While it won’t tell you everything, it will reveal information that helps any creator feel more secure in understanding how the law works.

Personal Note from The Author:
“I wrote this book because I know first hand what it means to have my work stolen or to have a dispute with a client. I worked as a freelance graphic designer and web developer for over a decade before even setting foot in a law school classroom. After my first year in law school, I quickly understood that many of the basics that creative professionals need to know are not rocket science. These are the basics that I want to focus on in this book, and as a lawyer who helps creative people solve their legal problems. I believe that a good understanding of the law forms a crucial part of any successful creative venture.”


Available now on The Creators’ Legal Guide: Use the Law to Help Your Creative Venture Succeed

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