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We can help you understand the legal issues involved with starting and growing your business.

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There are so many unknowns when buying and selling real estate that having a top-notch legal team on my side to protect me is essential. There is literally no way I could do the business I do without my relationship with Counsel for Creators.

Lyndsay S | Entrepreneur

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Creator’s Legal Roadmap: A Guide For Creative Entrepreneurs

 The Creators' Legal Roadmap turns the legal stuff from a source of stress into a source of strength. Many business owners find it easy to engage with the creative side of their business. But when it comes to the legal stuff, it gets a little more complicated. The...

Trademark Supplemental Register [Updated 2024]

The trademark Supplemental Register provides a place for trademarks denied registration on the Principal Register for various reasons. While a federal trademark registration on the Supplemental Register does not provide all of the benefits of a federal trademark...

Tuition Payments Must Be Made In Business

Building a business means traveling a hard road. Growth happens, but along the way, challenges arise. You spend money on things and get little return. Mistakes, disappointments, and wrong turns make the whole process messy. This means making "tuition payments" that...

Creative Business First Steps

Creating a new business feels overwhelming. There's a ton to think about and a ton of different opinions on where you should devote your scarce time, money, and energy. However, working with hundreds of creative business owners has taught me that focusing on a few...

Four Legal Foundations for All Creative Businesses [Updated 2023]

As a lawyer, I have worked closely with hundreds of innovative companies to establish legal foundations. This includes working with single-person side hustles and established companies with dozens of employees. During that time, I've seen patterns. I've seen companies...

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