Trademark Registration

Your brand is your business’ single most valuable asset. Give it the legal protection it deserves. Trademark registration and protection by attorneys dedicated to creative businesses.

The Basics

The brand is a company’s single most valuable asset. Think about the companies that you know; whether they are computer company or supermarket chain, their brand sets them apart and builds customer loyalty.

We offer trademark registration services on a flat fee basis.

How We Help

We offer a variety of flat-fee services designed to help creative businesses protect their trademarks. From trademark searching and registration to cease and desist letters and trademark monitoring, we can help you grow and protect your brand.

Trademark Registration
A trademark registration provides crucial protection for your brand by preventing others from using a trademark that is confusing with yours. We offer trademark registration services on an affordable flat fee basis. Get the peace of mind that comes from using a trademark attorney to protect your brand.
Trademark Search and Clearance
You don’t want to have to change your company name or branding later when if you find out that someone is using a name too similar to yours. Rebranding is expensive and it kills customer goodwill. That’s why we help our clients with comprehensive trademark searches that go beyond a casual search of the trademark database. And if we do find a problem, we can often offer solutions.
Trademark Office Actions
Our experienced attorneys can help you respond to trademark Office Actions sent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Office Actions can seriously jeopardize your trademark registration, so it is important to seek legal guidance. We have helped many business owners overcome these Office Actions so that their applications could get moving again.
Trademark Maintenance and Monitoring
If you already have a trademark registration, we can help you make sure that it is properly maintained. We advise you on any filings that need to be made and help you to do them properly. We can also help you monitor the trademark database to determine if anyone is attempting to register marks that could jeopardize your registrations.
Other Trademark Services
In addition to comprehensive trademark search, registration and maintenance services we help brand owners with trademark licensing, trademark cease and desist letters, trademark assignment and anything else that today’s brand owner might need.

Got Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of trademark registration?

A trademark registration protects your brand. By registering your trademark, your business can take advantage of legal tools that can prevent other people from using a brand that would be confusing with yours. This article provides specific details about what benefits you can expect from registering your trademark.

How does the trademark registration process work?

The trademark registration process takes months to complete, but the rewards are worthwhile. This article gives a great overview of the trademark registration process.

How much does it cost to register a trademark?

Business owners invest different amounts in trademark registration, depending upon their needs. Typicaly, trademark costs include attorney fees, filing fees, and various maintenance fees. Read this article to get a clear trademark cost breakdown.

What are some reasons that my trademark would not be registered?

There are a number of reasons why your trademark would not be registered. When we work with you to register your trademark, we help you identify and fix those issues before they become problems down the road.

Should I just use LegalZoom to register my trademark?

Online legal services such as LegalZoom entice business owners with low initial fees. However, these fees only cover a small portion of the trademark registration process, as many customers learn too late.

Since services like LegalZoom don’t offer legal advice on trademark registration, they often cause problems for business owners.

How long does my trademark registration last?

Barring any problems, your trademark registration generally lasts as long as you are using it and properly maintain it. You will have to file documents every five and ten years to let the trademark office know you are still using it, but if you do that your mark will stay alive.

How long does it take for a trademark to get registered?

Typically, the trademark registration process takes between six to nine months. If there are issues, it can take much longer.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans.

We have partnered with Affirm to offer easy-to-use payment options that let you take up to a year to pay.

How does Counsel for Creators do trademark registrations?

We’ve streamlined the process and made it easy to work with a trademark attorney. Once you have chosen to work with us, we first send you a quick, but comprehensive, intake form that you use to tell us about your company and your trademark. We use the information that you provide to prepare trademark applications and do any trademark searches that you need.

Once your trademark application has been filed, our attorneys track its progress throughout the trademark registration process. We respond to any inquiries from the trademark examiners and we alert you of any issues that arise during the process. We also keep an eye out for trademark scams.

As a Counsel for Creators client you also get as much phone consultation with an attorney as you need.

What happens if there are problems with the brand that I have chosen?

If you are working with us to complete your trademark registration and our search reveals that there are problems that would prevent your trademark from registering, we will do a second search at no additional charge.

Do I need to do a trademark search?

A trademark search is highly recommended and is a key part of getting your trademark registration right. And while a quick search of Google or the trademark database can identify obvious problems, it will not identify every mark that could prevent your trademark from being registered. We are happy to help you understand whether a trademark search would be right for you.

Can I still file a trademark application if I have not yet used my trademark?

If you haven’t begun to use your trademark yet, you can file what is called an “intent to use” trademark application. This blog post will give you more insight about how an intent to use trademark application works.

What about international trademark registration?

By default, trademarks are only registered in the United States. However, you might want to consider extending your trademark to other countries if you plan to do business abroad. Read more about what that involves.

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