Copyright Services

A copyright helps you protect your creative work. Counsel for Creators LLP offers comprehensive copyright services, including:

  • Copyright Registration: Copyright registration is a crucial tool in protecting your creative work. We offer flat-rate services to help you file your copyright registration and understand how best to use the process to your advantage.
  • Copyright Licensing: If you want to let someone else use your creative work (or if you want permission to use someone else’s work), you will want a copyright license that spells out all of the terms. We regularly draft copyright licenses that help people create successful arrangements.
  • Copyright Disputes: If you believe that someone is using your creative work without permission, or if someone has accused you of using their work without permission, we can help. Whether that means sending or responding to a cease and desist letter, helping to resolve a dispute or just getting clarity on your legal rights, we can help.
  • Copyright Strategy: Many creative businesses do not fully understand the value of their creative work. We can help you to identify what work can be protected by copyright, help you ensure that you have all rights to your creative work and help you make a plan to generate revenue from your valuable intellectual property.
  • DMCA Takedowns: Online copyright infringement is rampant. One of the most effective tools that copyright owners have is the DMCA takedown notice. We can help you prepare and send them when you find that somebody has illegally copied your work.
  • DMCA Compliance: If you are running a site that can take user submissions, it is important to understand the role that DMCA compliance plays in protecting you against lawsuits. Let us help you.
  • More Questions About Copyright? If you are running a creative business, there is a lot you need to know about copyright law. Questions and issues come up often – and we can help you on an ongoing basis with our Creators’ Legal Program. It is a monthly program that gives you unlimited access to an attorney who can answer any of your questions about copyright.

If you want to know more about how our copyright services can help your creative business grow, you can easily schedule a call with us. The initial consultation is free.