Creators’ Sessions

The Creators’ Sessions are monthly, live Q&A sessions where we invite experts to come and talk about business or legal issues facing creative entrepreneurs. Covering topics like marketing, metrics, branding, building a team, and more – these sessions are interactive, wide-ranging, and cost nothing to attend.

All participants have the chance to ask questions and get them answered live.

Social Media Storytelling for Creatives

Social Media Storytelling for Creatives

September 30, 2020, @ 3 pm Pacific

Are you a creative person that uses (or wants to use) social media to tell your story and what you’re all about?

If so, you will want to join us for this free, online session where we will be joined by a special guest who will go deep on how creative professionals can use social media and other types of digital marketing to tell their story and make an impact.

If you are a creative that wants to:

* Grow your social media audience.
* Increase engagement with people across social media platforms.
* Understand how to create valuable and inspiring content.
* Be ahead of the game on social media tools and strategies.

…you’ll want to join us for this session tailored specially towards people in creative industries: artists, architects, musicians, app developers, authors, jewelry designers, restauranteurs, chefs, filmmakers, singers, UX designers, photographers, and anyone else who makes their living by being creative.

Every business owner needs this type of actionable, clear information. That’s why we bring it to you free and online during these monthly sessions.

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Previous Sessions

Outsourcing and Delegation: How To Get It Right

August 26, 2020

During this wonderful session, we discussed outsourcing and delegation. A crucial topic for any creative business owner because as your business grows, you will need to bring on help. If you do it the right way, you can get more done quickly without added stress; if you get it wrong it can be a nightmare.

Our special Dina Eisenberg of Outsource Easier guided us through the best ways to outsource your work! If you’ve been wanting to learn how to delegate better and build an effective team, this session is a must!

Watch the replay here [available to Creators’ Legal Program members]


The Magic of Metrics w/ Scott Forgey of Un

July 29, 2020

During this unforgettable session, we were joined by executive business coach Scott Forgey of Un. We discussed how any business owner can focus on tracking the right numbers to grow. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Forgey helped us understand what metrics matter when growing a business, and which ones don’t. We also introduced a framework for looking at metrics that made everything easier.

Watch the replay here [available to Creators’ Legal Program members]