The coronavirus situation took the world by storm. It’s affecting creative businesses as events are canceled and orders slow down. But resources exist to help businesses through this situation and grow in the long-term. We’ve been compiling and updating a list of COVID-19 Resources for creative businesses.

Picture of a storm with beautiful light. Illustrating COVID-19 resources article.

Use these resources to weather the storm.

COVID-19 Resources for Creative Businesses


We will update this list as new information comes in. We will also curate it so that you get the most useful and actionable information, quickly.

And if you have anything useful to add, we included a form on that list so that you can submit things. Finally, please SHARE this list with other business owners – too many people don’t have this information and we need to get it out to everyone.

As you check out this list, remember: you are not alone. Resources exist to help businesses like yours.

And if you need help of any kind, please schedule a call with us. Even if it’s not legal, we’re here to lend you a helping hand should you want it.

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