The crux of every social media influencer’s success is their work with brands and companies that want you to advertise their products and services. For every one of these relationships, contracts will be signed with the terms of the agreement for each side. As a social media influencer, it is important to understand what goes into these contracts and what you should have in every contract to protect your rights as well as your own personal brand. While contract creation does not seem like a major part of being an influencer, it can have a massive impact on your life. 

What Social Media Influencers Need to Know About Contract Creation

Do you know how important contract creation is as a social media influencer? Read more to learn more about contract creation when working with businesses as an influencer.


Social Media Influencer Agreements

Contracts between companies and a content creator are sometimes known as social media influencer agreements. This legal document covers all aspects of the relationship and commitments by both sides to the agreement. It can include such items like the number of original posts or videos, project specifics like hashtags and deadlines, compensation for the social media influencer, and FTC compliance requirements along with all of the necessary declarations and signatures.

As an influencer, there are some specific clauses you should ask for in every contract you sign with a company. The first is a detailed description of the work, including the format of the content, where the content will appear, how many original pieces are created, how long they will stay posted, whether any additional promotion is required, details of your brand voice, approval rights, and final deadlines. The second is compensation for original work being created. This area should include the specific amount of compensation and any stipulations for payment. Are you requiring any money upfront? What happens if the content is late or the company does not pay on time? All of these items should be included in your contract.

The next clause that should be in a social media influencer contract is one on exclusivity. It is common for an influencer to work with multiple brands at the same time, so be sure to get the specifics of whether you are allowed to work with other companies or if this company wants an exclusive deal. Finally, be sure to include specific details regarding the proof of success of the work. This may involve granting temporary access to personal metrics to prove how successful the content created was to companies, and a contract can stipulate what information they receive, how they receive it, and when access to your metrics information ends.

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Contract creation is one of the most important aspects of a social media influencer’s success, and hiring an attorney with experience drafting, negotiating, and working on these types of deals is your best option for ensuring that your contracts are solid with companies that would like you to promote their business. Call or contact Counsel for Creators today to learn more.



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