A business lawyer subscription offers access to a business lawyer. Typically, these subscriptions are billed monthly. They also vary in what they offer and what they cover. Read below to learn the basics of the how a business lawyer subscription works.

A business lawyer subscription provides easy attorney access.

A business lawyer subscription provides easy attorney access.

What Is A Business Lawyer Subscription?

Simply put, a business lawyer subscription means legal services for small business billed monthly or annually. People might also call this offering a subscription based law firm. In the last few years, this subscription model has gained extreme traction as more people seek predictable legal fees. Even more established players see the need to offer subscription legal services.

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How To Evaluate A Business Lawyer Subscription

Not every business lawyer subscription offers the same thing. Use these guidelines to determine which service provides what you need.

  • Is the subscription offered by a law firm? In the past few years, a number of online legal services have popped up that purport to offer legal services. However, many of these services are not offered by law firms which means that they cannot offer legal advice. Instead, they send members to independent attorneys who vary in quality.
  • Does the subscription have a minimum term? Some business lawyer subscription programs offer a low price, but they lock you in for a certain term. So, read carefully to know whether or not you can cancel any time.
  • Does the subscription have set up fees? Some subscriptions have set up fees. Make sure you know whether or not you have to pay a set up fee.
  • What types of matters does the business lawyer subscription cover? Be clear on what types of services the subscription offers. If you have questions about whether the subscription covers your specific matter type, call and ask.
  • How long has the subscription been offered? Because the subscription model represents a new legal model, a number of business lawyer subscriptions have arisen. Therefore, you want to make sure that any business lawyer subscription that you choose has been around long enough to have worked out all of the kinks. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for someone’s new service.

In any case, a subscription based law firm offers ongoing support from a small business lawyer to new and growing businesses. Just make sure that you understand what you are getting. If you have questions about the Creators’ Legal Program – one of the first legal subscription services offered – you can set up an easy consultation to talk to us about it.

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