This August we would like to feature local Silver Lake creative boutique BEMO as our client of the month. BEMO specializes in VFX, animation, and live action film for clients including major brands in the tech and entertainment industries. Their design-driven approach allows them to go beyond the traditional roles of a VFX company and create some incredible content. Recently, their work was nominated for a VMA for their involvement with A Tribe Called Quest’s Dis Generation music video. We chatted with Bradon Hirzel, BEMO’s executive producer, to see what separates them from the field and how using the Creators’ Legal Program has helped their business.

What was your involvement with the Dis Generation video?

BEMO worked with the video’s director Hiro Murai to execute their vision. We shot the video on a 20ft. track using a motion control rig inside a warehouse over and over again to get the effect and pieced it together in post.

What does BEMO do to stand out and gain the attention of big clients?

We are design-oriented meaning that we are strong in design even though we are a VFX company. A lot of work in the VFX business revolves around making edits and changes to the video. BEMO works hand in hand with directors and creatives early on in the process to add design and vision from a VFX prospective. We like to think of our work as a collaboration rather than a link in the chain.

What advice would you give to other creative businesses to make it to the next level?

Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and push your projects further!

How has using the Creators’ Legal Program helped your business?

Support from a legal team is important to us. We try to spend as much time as possible on our product and dealing with legal issues distracts us from what is most important. Creators’ Legal Program has allowed us to worry less about legal issues and more on what we do best. I know when I send a contract for review it’ll be done and I can count on it.

I also enjoy that Counsel for Creators is local. Even though we’ve never formally met in-person it helps knowing your attorney is close by.

Any upcoming projects you are excited about?

We’re really excited about our ongoing involvement with Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim. We worked on season 1 which was six episodes. Adult Swim loved it and now we’re working on season 2 which is 14 episodes.

*Our conversation with Brandon has been paraphrased to fit an online format

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