Meet our client, Lyndsay Siegel, founder of Los Angeles home renovation company Tradecraft. If you pass through LA’s neighborhoods you may see her hard at work on a new property. We wanted to hear from Lyndsay what it takes to build a business and why she chose to register a trademark.

Why did you leave your marketing career in New York to pursue home renovation in California?

After a successful career in entertainment marketing in New York for 8 years, I left to pursue a life-long passion in home design. This was back in 2008 when everyone was reinventing themselves. I moved to Los Angeles to plant a flag in the sun and the trees. When I got here I found there were few women in construction, and saw this as an opportunity, so I went for it. I’m so thankful that I did as it’s been an incredible journey.

What aspects of your work in marketing and branding have you found most useful in your current business? How does that knowledge turn into selling desirable homes?

To be a leader in marketing and branding you’ve got to have your eye on the trends and act strategically – this way of thinking has played a huge part in my success in home renovations. I have to listen to customers, and maintain a consistent and modern look and feel to my brand at all times. People want to buy a house that has been promoted and delivered with class and style, the same way they might buy anything else that defines their image and lifestyle. Each project that I work on embodies a unique perspective on environment and community. I take into consideration the lifestyle and psychographics of my client’s needs. The type of person who normally owns a Tradecraft home appreciates modern simplicity.

“you’ve got to have your eye on the trends and act strategically – this way of thinking has played a huge part in my success”

Applying for a trademark is often a big decision to make for any business. Why did you choose now?

Once business started to really take off, I realized that I needed to protect myself. A close friend and business peer had been working on acquiring her Trademark and inspired me to get one for Tradecraft. I did my homework and my network heavily endorsed you guys.


Tradecraft seems like a passion project turned into a full-time business. What advice would you give to other new creative businesses to reach the next level?

I’ve learned a few major lessons that I’m eager to share with other creatives looking to grow. Firstly, relationships are everything. It’s important to keep yourself open to potential collaboration and partnerships with brands and businesses that bring something new to the conversation. Second, getting to the next level is largely about your ability to network. It’s a small community and word gets around quickly. So, work hard and be nice. Lastly, it never hurts to have the press endorse you and have great word of mouth interest.

Why has having an attorney on your side helped you?

There are so many unknowns when buying and selling real estate that having a top-notch legal team on my side to protect me is essential. There is literally no way I could do the business I do without my relationship with Counsel for Creators.

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