“I am glad that I chose to hire a trademark lawyer instead of going the LegalZoom route.” As a trademark lawyer, these words are wonderful to hear. Yes, LegalZoom is often cheaper than hiring a trademark lawyer – but is it a better value? In many cases, it might be a better value to hire a trademark lawyer. Let’s talk about why.

Why Hire A Trademark Lawyer?

  • LegalZoom doesn’t offer legal advice. LegalZoom itself is very adamant about this, because if they gave legal advice they would be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. In many states, that’s a misdemeanor. Not a good place to be. LegalZoom offers forms that users can fill out – those forms are then forwarded to wherever they need to be filed. However, LegalZoom can’t advise you on any of the information that you provide to make sure that it is correct.
  • A trademark lawyer can help you avoid wasting money on trademarks that won’t register. Trademark applications get rejected by the USPTO all the time. A trademark lawyer can help you avoid and solve problems that might cause your trademark application to be rejected. And if there is a problem, a trademark attorney can help to solve it.
  • A trademark lawyer can educate you on brand strategy. A good trademark provides the cornerstone for your brand, so you should understand how trademarks work. When you hire a trademark lawyer, you get to talk to someone who has dealt with numerous brands and trademarks and can give you valuable perspective on how to get the most value from your trademark.
  • A trademark lawyer can give you options. Sometimes people don’t register their trademark because they aren’t aware of all of their options. They may think that they can’t get a registration because they haven’t used their mark yet, or because their mark is descriptive. A trademark lawyer can provide solutions to these, and other common issues.

Nothing Wrong With LegalZoom

Our firm will sometimes send potential clients to LegalZoom. If cost is their only concern, then LegalZoom might be the right choice for them. However, if the goal is to build a strong brand right out of the gate, then choosing to hire a trademark lawyer can be a great investment.


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